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        1. 试剂盒 > 酶联免疫试剂盒 > 人血管生长素(ANG)ELISA Kit
            • ELISA Kit
            • 人组织因子途径抑制物(TFPI)ELISA Kit
            • This gene encodes a protease inhibitor that regulates the tissue factor (TF)-dependent pathway of blood coagulation. The coagulation process initiates with the formation of a factor VIIa-TF complex, which proteolytically activates additional proteases (factors IX and X) and ultimately leads to the formation of a fibrin clot. The product of this gene inhibits the activated factor X and VIIa-TF proteases in an autoregulatory loop. The encoded protein is glycosylated and predominantly found in the vascular endothelium and plasma in both free forms and complexed with plasma lipoproteins. Several alternatively spliced transcript variants of this gene have been described, but the full-length nature of some of these variants has not been confirmed.[provided by RefSeq]
            • UniProtP10646
            • BIOWWWTFPI
            • HGNC11760
            • RGD61914
            • MGI1095418
            • OMIM152310
            • CUSABIOCSB-E08260h
          • 产品类型:
            ELISA Kit
          • 产品名称:

            人组织因子途径抑制物(TFPI)ELISA Kit

          • 英文名称:

            Human Tissue factor pathway inhibitor,TFPI ELISA Kit

          • 货号:
          • 别名:
            EPI, LACI, TFI, TFPI1, OTTHUMP00000163472|OTTHUMP00000205431|anti-convertin|extrinsic pathway inhibitor|lipoprotein-associated coagulation inhibitor|tissue factor pathway inhibitor
          • 规格:
          • 中文价格:
          • 种属:
          • 其他种属:
          • 待测物名称:
            tissue factor pathway inhibitor (lipoprotein-associated coagulation inhibitor)
          • 缩写:
          • 蛋白功能1:
            Blood Coagulation
          • 蛋白功能3:
            Blood coagulation
          • 检测范围:
            0.78 ng/ml-50 ng/ml
          • 灵敏度:
            0.293 ng/ml
          • 反应时间:
          • 所需样本体积:
          • 检测波长:
            450 nm
          • 下载: