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        1. 联系我们


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          Order FAQs

          1 How can I buy your products in my area?
          Please click on Distributors Worldwide for the contact info of our sales staff in charge of your local place.

          2 How long will it take to receive my order?
          We would prepare for your order the moment we receive your pre-payment, and it will take 1-3 days before our delivering.

          3 Could I get a free sample?
          Sorry, but our company do not offer free samples for the customers at the moment.

          4 What payment methods do we accept?
          We only receive bank transfer at the moment.

          5 How long do your products last?
          Normally six months, but we receive special order.

          6 Do you have a catalogue?
          Yes, we have an email catalogue, please contact us for details.

          7 How much is shipping?
          The freight differs country to country. You could contact the sales staff of your place for details. Please click Distributors Worldwide and choose your country for the contact information.

          8 Where is my package?
          We usually use Fedex, UPS, DHL, TNT, aramex, EMS to deliver our goods. And you could be free to choose any express company which you have an account.

          We would keep you informed of the track info and at the same time, we will offer the Shipment Number through email once we deliver the goods, you could track the orders on the website of the express company.

          Fedex: http://www.fedex.com/cn

          UPS:  http://www.ups.com/cn

          DHL:  http://www.cn.dhl.com/zh.html

          TNT:  http://lit2.tnt.com.cn/tracker/trackandtraceInit.do

          Aramex: http://www.aramex.com

          EMS: http://www.ems.com.cn